Charts, simple as a URL

No more server-side rendering pain, 1 url = 1 chart


Copied !


  1. <table class="report-email">
  2.   <tbody>
  3.     <tr><td>
  4.     </tr></td>
  5.   </tbody>
  6. </table>


Alert Report
Alert Report


Check the awesome features !

Easiest way to embed charts in email or bot

No need to spend hours to setup and develop a complex server-side solution. We spent days tuning our chart generation backend so you don't have to.

One url = one chart.


Type a message...

Gifs in email = awesome

Delightful effect guaranteed, communicate better with animated charts in your reporting emails. No more server-side gif rendering, headless browser tricks and painful email attachements.

We do the hard work.

You get the benefits.


Company Monthly report

Google Image Charts Drop-In replacement

Google Image Charts is deprecated since 2012, not supported since 2015 and can be shutdown anytime soon.

Image-charts aims to be fully compatible with Google Charts API while still extending it. Don't build on unstable foundation.

Git diff

  1. <table class="report-email">
  2.   <tbody>
  3.     <tr><td>
  4. <img src=",30,-30,50,80,200&chs=320x200&cht=bvs&chxt=y"/>
  5. <img src=",30,-30,50,80,200&chs=320x200&cht=bvs&chxt=y"/>
  6.     </tr></td>
  7.   </tbody>
  8. </table>

Reliable and blazing fast

Making chart generation fast at scale is hard.

<500ms everywhere around the world, 99,99% uptime over the past 3 months.


Join hundreds of developers

They love it!

Gianmaria Allisiardi
Web Developer
I love your service. I write a telegram bot for IOTA price.
Jocelyn Dréan
Email à table Founder
I use Image-Charts everyday to integrate charts into marketing emails for my clients. Can't live without it!
Alexandre Remaud
Fullstack Developer
Holy crap, @image-charts is phenomenal! I was just about to hire a programmer to integrate charts into my reporting emails. Mind Blown!
Julien Breux
Image charts is very useful to generate my team reporting
Romain Baumier
Engineer @Redsmin
Could not imagine my Slack bot without image-charts!
Malo Blanchard
Full-stack engineer @Bringr
Image-charts is so useful, I really love it. Haven't found anything close to it!
Celya Rousseau
Full-stack engineer @iAdvize
Ohh @image-charts where have you been all this time?
Bastien Merceron
Fullstack Developer
Integrated @image-charts this week and I’m quickly becoming a fan boy!


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